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Scheme Members 


PPF members can contact us on 0330 123 2222. 

If you’re not yet a member but think your pension scheme might transfer to the PPF in the future, you may find this article and this booklet helpful.

Have you received an email about our current ServiceMark survey?

You might have received an email from us asking you to complete a survey and we’re grateful for those who’ve filled it in. The email is being sent to a selected group of our members.

The survey is administered by The Leadership Factor on behalf of the Institute of Customer Service but please rest assured that it is entirely anonymous and they won’t be able to access any of your personal information. Your survey responses will only be used to help us understand how effective our service is and where it needs to improve.

Thank you in advance for helping us get closer to achieving the exceptional standards of customer service we aim for.

If you have any queries, please do contact us using the details on this page.

If your scheme has transferred to the Pension Protection Fund

You may want to use one of the links below:

 Title  Details

PPF Members' Website



On the members' website, you will find detailed information about how the PPF operates and how your compensation is calculated. The site allows you to register and securely view your compensation details online

If you are having problems, please call our Member Services team on 0330 123 2222.

Transferred Schemes


View the schemes that have transferred to the PPF.
Data Quality

We run regular checks to ensure we hold the most current information on all our members. Click the link to find out more and see which companies we use.

Pension Flexibility

The changes to pensions flexibility which were introduced in April 2015 do not affect PPF/FAS payments. Please click the link to read more.



If you want to know more about the Pension Protection Fund, or if your scheme is in a Pension Protection Fund Assessment Period

Please use any of the following links to view leaflets and pages that will be of interest:

 Title  Details

What is the Pension Protection Fund and What Do We Do? (booklet)

What is the Pension Protection Fund and What Do We Do? (YouTube)


If you are reading this, the chances are your employer, or former employer, has gone bust and you may be worried about what will happen to your pension. It also means that your pension scheme may be eligible to enter the Pension Protection Fund.

The PPF was set up in April 2005 to protect you if your employer goes bust and its pension scheme can no longer afford to pay your promised pension.

Our booklet and video explain more about the PPF, the compensation we pay, how we are funded and what happens next for you and your scheme.

Scheme Members, trustees or administrators can order hard copies of the booklet by calling 01375 484 807 or email  Please quote reference number PPF 1202.




This page explains the levels of compensation that the PPF pays, and also gives further information about compensation and divorce.


Assessment Period


This page explains what we do when a scheme is being considered for transfer to the Pension Protection Fund. You can also view all the schemes currently in the assessment period.




View a list of all our website FAQS that are aimed at scheme members. Please note that any questions about your personal circumstances and scheme entitlements should be directed to your scheme trustees.




If you are looking for information about the Financial Assistance Scheme

The links below may be helpful:

 Title  Details

Financial Assistance Scheme


The Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) is now administered by the PPF. The FAS section of our site contains lots of information on how FAS works, who may be eligible and the schemes involved.

FAS Member Site 

This link takes you to a different, secure website.


Members of schemes that have transferred to FAS can register on the member site, to securely view more information about their entitlement.


If your questions about the Pension Protection Fund have not been answered by any of the information contained on our website, please contact our Member Services team:

Tel: 0330 123 2222
Text phone: 0845 600 2542

Please note that some of our telephone calls are recorded to help us provide the best for our stakeholders.

If you would like to receive any of our consumer documents in a different language or format, please contact us.