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On 23 March 2017 we published our consultation document including proposals for the third triennium. The deadline for comments was 5pm on 15 May 2017. Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation.

As well as the consultation document we have published several supporting documents:

Third Triennium Consultation Document

Third Triennium Consultation Technical Appendices Document

Third Triennium Draft Insolvency Risk Appendix

Third Triennium Draft Determination Part E

Validation Report on the Third Triennium Methodology Review

S&P Global Market Intelligence Credit Model Financial Institutions White Paper



In support of the consultation on the proposed changes to the levy rules for three year period starting 2018/19, PPF and Experian representatives participated in a number of live webinar broadcasts. These provided opportunities for schemes, sponsors and professional advisors, to hear more about the proposals in the consultation, and to submit questions in real time.


If you would like to view these broadcasts, please click on the links below:


1.    Overview of the consultation - Insolvency risk measurement


2.    Risk reduction – Guarantees, certifying deficit reductions, good governance


3.    Small schemes