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Recently Released Information 

The list below shows selected information released by the Board of the Pension Protection Fund in response to Freedom of Information requests. Please note that the PPF does not publish all requests for information and responses. Sometimes it may not be possible to publish certain information on the internet, for example scheme specific information that may be restricted.


Month/Reference Topic PPF Response
APRIL 2018
FOI 34/2017/18 Print Expenditure View The Response


Month/Reference Topic PPF Response
MARCH 2018
FOI 32/2017/18 FAS Long-service cap View The Response
FOI 31/2017/18 Schemes contributing towards PPF contingent liabilities View The Response
FOI 28/2017/18 Schemes "At Risk" View The Response
FOI 27/2017/18 Contingent Liabilities View The Response
FOI 25/2017/18 Mobile Telephony Contract View The Response
FOI 23/2017/18 Pension Scheme Liabilities View The Response
FOI 21/2017/18 Rejected Schemes View The Response
FOI 18/2017/18 Expenditure on Communications View The Response
FOI 17/2017/18 Video conferencing View The Response


FOI 15/2017/18 British Steel Pension Scheme View The Response
FOI 14/2017/18 British Steel Pension Scheme View The Response
FOI 12/2017/18 Recruitment and staff payments View The Response
FOI 10/2017/18 IT Structure Charts View The Response
JULY 2017
FOI 9/2017/18 Scheme Information View The Response
FOI 8/2017/18 Recruitment and payments via third party companies View The Response
JUNE 2017
FOI 6/2017/18 Contract Information View The Response
MAY 2017
FOI 1/2017/18 Transactions with BlackRock Solutions View The Response


Month/Reference Topic PPF Response
MARCH 2017
FOI 43/2016/17 ICT Documents View The Response
FOI 42/2016/17 Clwyd Pension Panel View The Response
FOI 39/2016/17 View The Response
FOI 33/2016/17 Pre-pack Administration View The Response
FOI 32/2016/17 Climate Change Risk View The Response
FOI 31/2016/17 Communications View The Response



FOI 28/2016/17 Paper procurement View The Response
FOI 26/2016/17 External legal advice View The Response
FOI 24/2016/17 Pension Protection Score: Experian Portal View The Response



FOI 20/2016/17 State Pension Benefit View The Response


JULY 2016
FOI 18/2016/17 Compensation cap

View the Response


JUNE 2016

FOI 11/2016/17

Compensation over £100k p/a

View the Response

FOI 10/2016/17

Reconsideration Committee Statistics

View the Response



MAY 2016

FOI 4/2016/17

Levy Appeals

View the Response

FOI 3/2016/17

Pension Scheme Deficits

View the Response


APRIL 2016

FOI 1/2016/17

Utilities Contracts

View the Response



 Month/Reference Topic PPF Response

MARCH 2016

FOI 58/2015/16

Banking, Audit and Card Processing Services

View the Response

FOI 56/2015/16

FAS Membership

View the Response

FOI 55/2015/16

FAS Funding and Membership

View the Response

FOI 54/2015/16

Contract Information

View the Response 




FOI 53/2015/16

Data Storage

View the Response




FOI 49/2015/16

Responsibility for ICT/Digital/Business Change

View the Response

FOI 48/2015/16

Dependents Receiving Compensation after their 18th Birthday

View the Response




FOI 45/2015/16

IT Programming Language and CRM

View the Response

FOI 44/2015/16

Funding the Proposed Removal of the Compensation Cap

View the Response

FOI 43/2015/16

Funding the Proposed Removal of the Compensation Cap

View the Response

FOI 42/2015/16

Fund Performance

View the Response




FOI 41 2015/16

ICT Contracts

View the Response 

FOI 39 2015/16

Scheme Failures and the Compensation Cap

View the Response




FOI 38 2015/16

Statistics on Scheme Failures

View the Response

FOI 33 2015/16

HR and Payroll Solutions

View the Response




FOI 36 2015/16

Public Relations Management Service Tender

View the Response

FOI 32 2015/16

Financial and Insurance Service Tenders

View the Response

FOI 30 2015/16

Amount Paid to CBI and its Subsidiaries

View the Response

FOI 29 2015/16

Contract Information

View the Response

FOI 25 2015/16

Recycling and Waste Contracts

View the Response

FOI 23 2015/16

Facilities Management

View the Response



JULY 2015

FOI 24 2015/16

Fleet Management

View the Response

FOI 21 2015/16

Contact Centre and Network Services

View the Response

FOI 19 2015/16

Annual increases

View the Response



JUNE 2015

FOI 15 2015/16

Artwork held by the PPF

View the Response 

FOI 13 2015/16

Type C Contingent Assets

View the Response

FOI 12 2015/16

Tendering/Request for Proposals

View the Response

FOI 11 2015/16

Levy Bands

View the Response

FOI 10 2015/16

Mobile Phones

View the Response 





MAY 2015

FOI 7 2015/16

Company Names and Unique Identifiers in Pensions Universe

View the Response

FOI 5 2015/16

Gas and Electricity Spend, Contracts and Suppliers

View the Response

FOI 4 2015/16

Telephone, Broadband and WAN information

View the Response

FOI 3 2015/16

ICT Services

View the Response



 APRIL 2015

 FOI 1 2015/16

FAS Membership Data

View the Response






For all the PPF's published FOI responses, please click here