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Freedom of Information 

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 came into force on 1 January 2005. It affects all public authorities and gives you a right (unless an exemption applies) to:

  • be told if information is held; and
  • be given that information.

The term ‘public authority’ includes most public organisations and Government Departments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Scotland have their own Act), and includes the Board of the Pension Protection Fund.

If you require some personal data, please refer our data protection pages.




Publication scheme

We have created a publication scheme, designed to make the information held and published by us readily available and easily accessible.

This has been put together using the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme. It provides a list of information that we routinely make available, or that we are intending to make available in the near future.

The publication scheme also indicates whether the Board will make a charge for providing the information requested.


Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the Freedom of Information Act (together with the Data Protection Act 1998). By law, the Board and all other public authorities must:

  • adopt and maintain a ‘publication scheme’;
  • confirm or deny (when requested) whether or not information is held; and
  • provide that information (or explain why it will not be provided) within 20 working days.

Most requests for information will be provided free of charge, although sometimes the Board may make a charge, for example for postage, photocopying, or providing tapes or disks. Further information about Freedom of information is available on the Information Commissioner’s website.



Information recently released – disclosure log

The log shows information released by the Board of the Pension Protection Fund in response to Freedom of Information requests. Please note that sometimes it may not be possible to publish information on the internet, for example third party personal data.




How to make an information request

This information is contained in our Freedom of Information FAQs.