If You are Dissatisfied with FAS 

The FAS is committed to helping members and dealing with our work as efficiently as possible. However, we recognise that sometimes there may be problems.

If you have any concerns about the FAS or you would like us to explain any communication you have received from us, you should first contact us by phone or email to see if we can answer your questions informally.

If you are still not satisfied, there are two formal procedures that can help us deal with your concerns:

  • if you are concerned about the standards of the customer service you have received from the FAS, you can make a complaint and we will investigate it.
  • if you are concerned about a decision we have made about whether you or your pension scheme qualifies for the FAS, or the amount of annual payment you receive, you can ask us to review the decision.

Please contact us to discuss your matter and we will make sure you follow the correct procedures.

Please note, the award of an initial payment or an interim ill-health payment is discretionary so, unlike the amount of an annual payment or a final ill-health payment, there is no right of review about the amount of an initial payment or an interim ill-health payment payable to, or in respect of, a qualifying member of a qualifying pension scheme.

However, the scheme manager can re-determine an initial payment or an interim ill-health payment if the amount being paid as calculated in accordance with the Regulations is incorrect. If you believe that the value of your initial payment or interim ill health payment is incorrect you may contact us to ask us to consider whether the value of that payment can be re-determined.

We will also explain what action you can take if you disagree with decisions we have made through our Review Process and what to do if you wish to appeal.