Notified, Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Schemes

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This section gives details of the pension schemes that have been Notified to the FAS, Qualifying pension schemes that have been accepted by the FAS, and Non-Qualifying pension schemes that have not been accepted by the FAS.

The current status of your scheme can be found by clicking on the code letter under the 'status' column. 

Please note that the word 'Review' next to a scheme name indicates that an application for a review of this decision is being considered by the Scheme Manager.

Please note that the word 'Appeal' next to a scheme name indicates that the Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman has received an appeal on a review decision.

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TitleStatusFor PPF Use
L & L Cleaning Services Pension SchemeHt
L Adams Pension Scheme Ht
L Gardner & Sons Pension SchemeHt
L Greenberg Ltd Pension Scheme Ht
L S & J Sussman Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme Ht
Labgear Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme - Teleste UK Limited SectionHt
Lake and Elliot Pension Fund Ht
Lake and Elliot Staff Pension FundHt
Lamont Group Pension Plan, The Ht
Lancashire Dairies Ltd Pensions and Life Assurance Scheme Ht
Landauer Limited Pension and Life Assurance SchemeHt
Lanstar Holdings Group Pension Scheme (1974)Ht
Laughton & Sons Limited Employees Pension Plan Ht
LAWDC Pension Scheme RMS Limited Section Bn
LAWDC’s Pension SchemeHt
LDMS Ltd Pension Scheme Fr
Leathwoods Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme Ht
Lemken Tri-Ag Limited Staff Pension Scheme Ht
Leon Allan Money Purchase Plan, TheHt
Lewis & Peat (Rubber) Ltd Pension Scheme, The Ht
Lewis & Peat Group Pension Scheme   (Review) Ht
Lewis Woolf Griptight Pension & Life Assurance (1978) SchemeHt
Leyland DAF Pension Scheme Dn
Leyland Printing Company Ltd & Associated Companies Pension & Life Assurance SchemeFp
LGC Pension and Life Assurance Plan, The Ht
LHW Engineering Ltd Pension Scheme Ht
Libra Business Services Limited Pension Plan, TheFp
Light Trades House Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme, The Fp
Lighting Technology Group Pension & Assurance SchemeHt
Lilley Group Retirement Benefits Plan, The Dn
Lincoln College Staff Pension and Life Assurance SchemeBn
Lion Mark Holdings Pension and Assurance Plan Ht
Lionheart Group Pension Scheme Ht
Lister and Co Ltd 1975 Pension and Life Assurance Plan Fr
Lister Petter Pension Scheme Fr
LK Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme, TheFp
Longford Gear Cutting Co. Limited Pension Scheme, TheHt
Lonrho Textiles Limited Pension Scheme (also known as The Cramlington Textiles Limited Pension Scheme)Ht
Lovelace Pension and Assurance Scheme Ht
Loweth Ltd Section of The Legal & General Pension Trust Ht
Lucas Yuasa Pension Scheme Fp
Lufthansa German Airlines Retirement Benefits Plan (1974), TheHt
Lundin Heather Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme Ht