Notified, Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Schemes

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This section gives details of the pension schemes that have been Notified to the FAS, Qualifying pension schemes that have been accepted by the FAS, and Non-Qualifying pension schemes that have not been accepted by the FAS.

The current status of your scheme can be found by clicking on the code letter under the 'status' column. 

Please note that the word 'Review' next to a scheme name indicates that an application for a review of this decision is being considered by the Scheme Manager.

Please note that the word 'Appeal' next to a scheme name indicates that the Pension Protection Fund Ombudsman has received an appeal on a review decision.

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TitleStatusFor PPF Use
I & H Brown Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme Bn
I G Hale Ltd Section of The Legal & General Pension TrustHt
I G Lintels Limited Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme Ht
Icefront Limited Pension SchemeCn
ICG 1994 Pension Fund Ht
Iddon Brothers Limited Pension and Assurance Scheme Ht
Idem Furniture Limited Pension and Death Benefits Plan Fr
IGD Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme Bn
Impact Art & Type Retirement Security Plan Ht
Imperial Graphics Group Retirement Benefits Scheme, The   (Review) Ht
Imperial Home Decor Pension Scheme, The Fr
Inchbrook Retirement Benefits PlanHt
Independent Insurance Company Limited Pension Scheme   (Review) Ht
Industrial Holdings Pension Scheme Fr
Industry Wide Mineworkers' Pension Scheme (NSM Mining (South Wales) Limited Section) Ht
Industry-Wide Mineworkers' Pension Scheme - Fenton Solid Fuels SectionBn
Information Preservation Limited Pension Fund   (Review) Ht
Inframan Pension Scheme Ht
Ingenco Pension Scheme, The Ht
Inglis Allen Retirement Benefits Scheme Fr
Innisfail Laundry Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme Ht
Inns of Court School of Law Pension Scheme Ht
Institute of Export Pension Scheme, The Bn
International Bottle Company Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (Brimsdown Decoration Limited Section)Fr
International Bottle Company Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (Ceridec Limited Section) Fr
Intertan Plan, TheFp
Interwood Pension and Life Assurance Scheme, The Ht
Introphoto Ltd Pension Scheme Ht
Ionic Surface Treatments Limited Pension Scheme Fr
Iran Overseas Investment Bank Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme Ht
Ireland Alloys Limited Group Retirement Benefits Plan, The Fr
ISC Retirement Benefits Plan, The Ht
Isle of Wight Private Hospital Staff Benefits PlanFr
Isolated Systems Limited - Stanplan F Ht
Isotrans Limited Pension Fund Bn