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The Board 

The Pension Protection Fund is a statutory fund run by the Board of the Pension Protection Fund, a statutory corporation established  under the provisions of the Pensions Act 2004.

The Board is responsible for various functions including:

  1. Paying compensation.
  2. Calculating annual levies.
  3. Setting and overseeing the investment strategy of the Pension Protection Fund.

As a public body, the Pension Protection Fund is accountable to Parliament, through the Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions.  

The Board's Register of Interests
The Board's Statement of Operating Principles and Scheme of Delegations
The Board's and Committees' Membership


Board Expenses Documents

The Boards Members' Expenses Policy

Board Members' Expenses - Q3 2017/18
Board Members' Expenses – Q2 2017/18
Board Members' Expenses – Q1 2017/18

Board Members' Expenses - Q4 2016/17
Board Members' Expenses - Q3 2016/17
Board Members' Expenses - Q2 2016/17
Board Members' Expenses - Q1 2016/17

Board Members' Expenses - Q4 2015/16
Board Members' Expenses - Q3 2015/16
Board Members' Expenses - Q2 2015/16
Board Members' Expenses - Q1 2015/16

Board Members' Expenses - Q4 2014/15
Board Members' Expenses - Q3 2014/15
Board Members' Expenses - Q2 2014/15
Board Members' Expenses - Q1 2014/15

Board Member Expenses documents for previous years are available on request.



Board Sub-committees

Decision Committee Terms of Reference
Investment Committee Terms of Reference 
Nomination Committee Terms of Reference
Reconsideration Committee Terms of Reference

Non-Executive Committee Terms of Reference
Risk and Audit Committee Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Please note that the Risk and Audit and Remuneration Committees are sub-committees of the Non-Executive Committee.